“Dr. Hanscom addresses both the prevalent problem of unnec­essary spine surgery and the lack of clarity regarding non-operative care. I have the good fortune to work closely with him. His ideas have changed my approach to chronic pain. Our teamwork has given our patients tremendous reassurance knowing that their… Continue reading

Joel Konikow, M.D.
Former Physician at Swedish Hospital Pain Center

,“I have been treating patients with chronic pain for over 25 years. Since I have been working with David I have never seen patients experience such a decrease in their pain and improvement in their overall quality of life.” Continue reading

Suzanne Lacross, PhD.
Pain Psychologist

“As a society, we want (and need) the specialists who limit their practice to a specific body part or system to treat people as whole people anyway—and to be alert to and provide basic services for problems in other parts or systems. It is IRRESPONSIBLE for any physician (or… Continue reading

Jennifer Christian, M.D.
Occupational Medicine, President of Webility, founder of the Workfitnessdisability Roundtable

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past four years. You have been the closest thing to a therapist that I have ever had. The DOCC process has treated my ongoing chronic muscle and nerve pain as well as my stress and emotional… Continue reading

I. L., patient whose persistence over four years solved her chronic pain

“Just learning more about spine surgery and the different options for dealing with pain was very helpful and literally made my back feel better. Dr. Hanscom has a lot of credibility with me because he’s undergone back surgery himself and also experienced many of the same things I’ve struggled… Continue reading

D. I., successful lumbar surgery patient

“In addition to being a great surgeon, you are a great ‘physiatrist.’ I appreciate that you look at the person as a whole and address issues of sleep, exercise, and the emotional aspects of pain as opposed to immediately relying on interventional procedures and surgeries.” Continue reading

Carolyn Marquardt, M.D.
Physiatrist, Bellevue, WA