Chronic mental and physical pain are solvable by using tools to calm your body’s stress response and rerouting your nervous system. The journey involves learning skills, which initially takes some effort, similar to acquiring any expertise. However, once your body learns to respond to stress differently, the healing concepts will evolve indefinitely and people thrive.

This is an overview of the resources that have been assembled. They are based my personal experience of escaping from 15 years of chronic mental and physical pain, and also the experiences of hundreds of people who have successfully healed.

Start Your Healing Journey

The healing journey involves learning and practicing strategies to calm your fight or flight physiology and reroute your nervous system. Either the app or course lay out an action plan to become a “professional” at living your life. With repetition these tools become automatic. It is preferable to master one and not try both simultaneously.

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The DOC Journey computer-based course


Back in Control

A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain

In his best-selling book, Back in Control, prominent spine surgeon, Dr. David Hanscom, describes how to conquer debilitating chronic pain. His groundbreaking approach presents well-documented treatments that today’s medical establishment has largely ignored. By using a multi-pronged approach to calm and re-route your nervous system, you can minimize or eliminate your pain. His methods evolved from his intense 15-year experience suffering from chronic pain.


Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?

Take Control With a Surgeon’s Advice

Making the right decision about undergoing spine surgery is critical. Do You Really Need Spine Surgery provides you and your medical providers important information to make the best choice. All relevant variables are addressed and organized into a “treatment grid”. With this, you and your health care team can determine the most effective approach and course of action. Do You Really Need Spine Surgery gives back control of the surgical decision to you, the patient. Take it!!


Group Coaching

Four environmental factors directly directly calm the immune system and inflammation.

They are:

1) hope/ optimism

2) sense of control

3) positive mood/ affect

4) social connection.

Being socially isolated has a devastating effect on your health and is estimated to have an impact similar to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Re-engaging with family, friends, and others is healing.

The group sessions are held on Zoom and are remarkably enjoyable and supportive, as well as educational. They have been a significant factor in moving people forward.

Suggested Sequence

  1. The suggested starting point is The DOC (Direct your Own Care) course or app. You should spend only about 10-20 minutes a day and implement the strategies that will be used indefinitely. Repetition is the key.
  2. Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain provides background and my own story out of pain.
  3. The group coaching is a nice adjunct that adds depth to the course, as well as providing support. The coaching should be done in conjunction with the course or app.
  4. There are a lot of resources and proceed through them slowly. Trying to get through them too quickly is overwhelming, fires up your immune system, and is counterproductive.
  5. Do You Really Need Spine Surgery? is based on my 32 years of decision-making with my patients. It is a quick read, especially in light of the consequences of a failed spine surgery.
  6. Finally, the website is the repository for all of my work. It is updated weekly.

Outside Media

Discover how to conquer debilitating chronic pain by using a groundbreaking, self-directed approach pioneered by Dr. David Hanscom. His methods have been used by hundreds of patients to eliminate chronic pain and regain control of their lives.

While it may seem impossible that you can break free from chronic mental and physical pain after years of suffering and disappointments, Dr. David Hanscom and Dr. Les Aria show how your nervous system is the game changer in your pain recovery journey.

Anxiety: Another Name for Pain is Dr. Hanscom’s collection of articles on the Psychology Today website. There are well-documented effective solutions for chronic pain that need to be brought into mainstream medicine which these articles focus on.

These videos of Dr. Hanscom’s talks, interviews and patient testimonials demonstrate that chronic pain is curable by systematically using established medical practices in a self-directed manner. The key is connecting to your own healing capacity.

Dr. David Hanscom is a regular contributor to Pain News Network. His articles cover all aspects of the Dynamic Healing approach to the treatment of chronic pain. NOTE: Type David Hanscom in the search box to see all his articles.

The complete archive of Dr. David Hanscom’s  blog posts covering all stages of the Dynamic Healing approach, as well as stories of hope and healing from his patients.

Other Resources

Plan A – Lowering Inflammation Lengthens Life

Learn to lead a healthier, happier and longer life by managing your body’s inflammatory response.

Partner with Your Family to Heal Chronic Pain

Partner with your family to create a home environment that heals chronic pain.

Expressive Writing – Your First Step to Eliminate Chronic Pain

Learn how expressive writing can help heal chronic pain without surgery or meds.

Questions for Your Spine Surgeon

Learn the right questions to ask your spine surgeon when considering a surgery.


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