Discover how to conquer debilitating chronic pain by using a groundbreaking, self-directed approach pioneered by Dr. David Hanscom. His methods have been used by hundreds of patients to eliminate chronic pain and regain control of their lives.Listen to his weekly podcasts on Back in Control Radio.

The Basis of Chronic Pain

Neurophysiological Basis of Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease Isn’t a Disease

The Evolution of Chronic Pain

A Viable Solution for the Opioid Epidemic

Anxiety Basics

The Essence of Illness

The Physical Manifestations

OCD Is No Fun

Am I Operating on Your Pain or Anxiety?

Anxiety, Anger and Adrenaline

Societal Disintegration – Untreated Anxiety

Anxiety is a Symptom Not a Diagnosis

The Tools

Write and Don’t Stop!

Learn Another Language – “An Enjoyable Life”

The Unenforceable Rules

Enjoy Your Day – Today

Giving Back

Moving Forward with Your Pain

Making an Informed Decision About Spine Surgery

Introducing Plan A – Thrive and Survive COVID-19

The Dynamic Healing Movement

Befriending Your Inner Critic

Reconnecting with Your True Self

The Family

Mirror Neurons – Family Healing

The Chronic Pain Marriage Go Round

Social Isolation and Chronic Pain

The Role of the Family in Solving Chronic Pain

Do You Like Your Family – Listen

Parenting – Creating Your Own Triggers

Stories of Hope

Mark Owens, PhD – Environmental anthropologist and author of The Cry of the Kalahari (also wrote the forward to Back in Control, 2nd edition)

Kent Bassett & Marion Cunningham – Directors of the Film “This Might Hurt” about overcoming chronic pain

Deb Gray, PhD – Licensed clinical social worker and owner of a group of substance abuse / mental health clinics, Life by Design

Deborah Mellen – CEO of the not-for-profit Impossible Dream, Inc.

Dan Hindsley and Penny George – Founder of the website which aims to educate UK clinicians about the mind body approach to treating chronic pain

Tom Sullivan – A semi-retired Seattle businessman who survived 20 years of chronic pain, 28 surgeries, 3 heart attacks, a stroke, and opioid addiction, making a successful transition to a pain free existence

Chris Wark – Colon cancer survivor and best selling author of Chris Beat Cancer

Michael Gallinsky – Filmmaker, artist, writer and musician who created a documentary about the life and work of John Sarno

Dana Croschere – Film producer who created the documentary about chronic pain called Love Heals

Special Guests

Bernie Siegel, MD – General surgeon and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

Fred Luskin, PhD – Stanford psychologist and author of Forgive for Good

John Layman, JD – Personal Injury Litigator

Melissa Cady, DO – Pain medicine and founder of Pain Out Loud

Babs Yohai – Movement Artist (and David’s wife)  and Jasmine Yohai, MA – Expressive Arts and Dance (David’s stepdaughter)

Melvin Belsky, MD – Physiatrist and former medical director of Safeway Foods

James Pennebaker, PhD – Social psychologist and pioneer in the study of expressive writing

Ian Harris,MD – Orthopedic surgeon and researcher in the effectiveness of surgery

Kevin Cuccaro, MD – Pain specialist and founder of the Mid-Valley Pain Alliance

Marc Moisi, MD – Chief of Neurosurgery, Detroit Receiving Hospital

Dean Volk, PT, MPT – Owner of 3 physical therapy practices, in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC

Jasmine Yohai – Expressive Arts Therapist and housing coordinator for Bay Area Community Services

Sharna Prasad, DPT – Co-founder of the Oregon Pain Science Alliance

David Burns, MD – Best-selling author of Feeling Good and Feeling Good Together

Donald Cohen – Clinical psychologist specializing in family issues

David Allen – Best-selling author of Getting Things Done

Norris Lewis – Trainer and physical conditioning specialist

David Schechter, MD – Family and Sports Medicine physician specializing in Mind Body Medicine

Kendra Bloom, LMCH – Somatic psychotherapist specializing in trauma

Joel Konikow, MD – Family practitioner specializing in the treatment of pain

Rene Beth Poindexter – founder of Living the Potential Network

Emerald GreenForest – Author, speaker, transformation artist, and executive producer & host of the Men On Purpose Podcast

John Gribbin – A founder and CEO of Curable Health

Dr. Rozina Lakhani – Psychiatrist at Shifa Health specializing in the treatment of stress

Bruce Lipton, PhD – Stem cell biologist and bet-selling author of The Biology of Belief

John Stracks,MD – Family practitioner, specializing in mind-body approaches to overcome chronic pain

David Elaimy – Performance coach for high level performers in business, athletics and surgery

Jeffrey Lazarus, MD – A pediatrician specializing in medical hypnosis

Les Aria, PhD – A pain psychologist in the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Lorimer Moseley, MD – Clinical neuroscientist and pain educator

James Taylor, MD – An anesthesiologist with a focus on pain management

Stephen Porges, PhD – Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium, Univ. of Indiana, originator of the Polyvagal Theory

Becky Curtis, CEO and founder of Take Courage Coaching, a pain management coaching firm

Mel Pohl, MD – Chief Medical Officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center

Geralyn Datz, MD – President and Clinical Director of Southern Behavioral Medicine Associates PLLC

Special Guests (cont’d.)

Tom Sullivan – A patient who used the DOC principles to heal from chronic pain.

Chris Dimock – CEO of Elation, app development company focused on healthcare

Jake Eagle – Psychotherapist and founder of the Live Conscious community

Matt Lederman, MD & Alona Pulde, MD – Founders of Kinectin and former medical directors for Whole Foods Market

David Tauben, MD – Pain specialist and the recent director of the University of Washing Pain Medicine Department

Georgie Oldfied – A leading UK physiotherapist and pioneer of a patient-centered approach to treating chronic pain

Serena Sterling, PhD – A certified life coach specializing in helping people with physical and emotional pain heal

Howard Schubiner, MD – Director of the Mind Body Medicine Center of Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan

Robert Paris – CEO of Myelin Leadership International and certified neuro-leadership consultant

Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD – Licensed psychologist and psychoanalyst specializing in the treatment of mind-body pain disorders

Joe Tatta, MD – Founder of the Integrative Pain Science Institute and best-selling author of Radical Relief

Jennifer Souders, MD –  Former anesthesiologist, clinical pain specialist and forensic consultant

Dan Ratner, PhD – Nationally known pain psychologist and host of the popular podcast rushing Doubt

Allan Abbass, MD – Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and founding Director of the Center for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University in Canada

Lois Prinz – Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotism trainer dedicated to working with clients experiencing chronic pain

Lisa Goodpaster – Founder of the Stephood Project and a Parental Alienation Survivor, Childhood Trauma Educator

Bernie Siegel, MD – World renowned surgeon and best-selling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

Jeff Smith, MD – Orthopaedic Traumatologist, a Certified Professional Coach, and CEO/Founder of SurgeonMasters, a Surgeon Coaching Company

D. R. Clawson, MD – Physiatrist with backgrounds in neurologic, cancer, spine and sports rehabilitation, and pain management

Sue Carter, PhD – Former director of the Kinsey Institute and a world renowned scientist who has discovered important new developmental functions for oxytocin and vasopressin

Robin Shapiro – Board Chair and co-founder of HealthAdvocateX

Doug Garland, MD – Clinical professor of orthopedics at the University of Southern California and author of The Tall Poppy Syndrome

Vania Apkarian, MD – Professor of Neuroscience, Anesthesia, PM&R and director of Center of Translational Pain Research at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois

David Clarke, MD – Clinical professor of gastroenterology at Oregon Health & Science University, Director of the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association and author of They Can’t Find Anything Wrong

Tovah Goldfine, DO – Chiropractor and rehabilitation / pain specialist

Fred Moss, MD – Psychiatrist, speaker, consultant, advisor, mental health and life coach

Joshua Smyth, MD – Distinguished Professor of Biobehavioral Health and of Medicine at Penn State and Hershey Medical Center and Associate Director of Penn State’s Social Science Research Institute

Tor Wager, MD – Professor in Neuroscience, Dartmouth College, and the Director of Dartmouth’s Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience laboratory, the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center, and the Dartmouth Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

James Nestor – Best-selling author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Terrie Wurzbacher – Department of the Army civilian physician in the Army’s disability system

Anthony Avellino, MD – Pediatric neurosurgeon and the Medical Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Valley Children’s Healthcare

Dan Coyle – Bestselling author of The Talent Code and The Culture Code

Bianca Blesching, MFA – Cannabis consultant and owner of the dispensary Uvalcare

Victor Perton – Founder of the Leadership Project and the Center for Optimism in Australia

Thomas Verny, MD – Psychiatrist and author of the book The Embodied Mind

Ruth Freeman – Psychotherapist and founder of Peace at Home Parenting Solutions

Pam Wirth – Principal of consultancy Strategic Growth Advisory and founder of Hello Health

Gillian Riley – Author and consultant providing webinars and workshops on overeating

Charlie Merrill – A physiotherapist and consultant using mind / body strategies to help heal acute and chronic pain

Robert Lustig, MD – A neuroendocrinologist, with expertise in metabolism, obesity, and nutrition and best-selling author of Metabolical

Jeff Frankart – Physical therapist and founder of The Fix PT clinic

Daniel Atkins – Intuitive psychologist whose practice integrates the mind-body connection, energy medicine and channeled intuitive wisdom

Zeeba Khan – An internationally renowned Ayurvedic clinician, meditation teacher, energy healer and motivational speaker

Melissa Farmer – Pain psychologist, neuroscientist and co-founder of Aivo Health

Tamara Turner – Psychological anthropologist and ethnomusicologist

Kirk Schneider – Psychologist and a leading spokesperson for existential-humanistic and existential-integrative psychotherapy

Joe Klemczewski, PhD – Founder of The Diet DOC LLC and pioneer of macronutrient-based food intake tracking and flexible dieting

Michael Hodge – Mind-body coach specializing in the treatment of men’s pelvic pain

Palmer Kippola – Best selling author and Functional Medicine Health Coach

Lee Canter – founder of Canter & Co. and author of My Migraine Breakthrough

Matt Bonin – consultant, speaker and author of Light from Darkness

Agnes Szymczak – Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Pain Reprocessing Therapy Coach, and Restorative Breathing Coach 

Stephanie Carter Kelley – orthopedic physical therapist using an approach that integrates yoga and other modalities

Jamie Shafir – Licensed Clinical Social Worker, health coach, and adolescent specialist at the Mind Body Therapy Center